APPRECIATION – I’m working away in my home office and my 16-year-old son walks in with my favorite protein pancake (yes.. I like peanut butter and a lot of it… LOL). I hear so many people posting so hard on one side or the other when it comes to work-from-home.

Here is an instance that I would have never had without the chance to WFH on occasion. I would have not had the opportunity to have connected with my son, which seems to sometimes come less frequently as they grow up.

On the other side, I help lead a team as well. I don’t approach working together in our office as a way to make sure everyone is doing “work.” I enjoy it because it gives me a chance to partake in conversations with them that I would never have had the opportunity to if I was fully remote.

In conclusion, every person and every company is structured differently. Give grace on both sides. We have been blessed to now have even more opportunities to build the people around us and impact their lives. Be open-minded, there are always two sides to every coin.