Success Begins with People


we keep it real.

How? By real conversations, serving real people. Real efforts that produce real results. Why? duvari is passionate about one thing in particular: building careers to improve lives.


Whether you are a client or a job seeker, it’s not about us, it’s about you. Do we know IT staffing? Does peanut butter go with jelly? Batman with Robin?


So keep doing what it is that makes you you, keep in touch and, as always, keep it real.


How Can We Help?

Job Seekers – It Starts with a Listening Ear

We want to know you. The real you. Your vision. Your goals.


Do we love to coach? Yes. Passionate about people? Yes. Deliver on commitments? Transparency? Feedback? Yes, yes, yes.


We guide you at every turn. From showcasing your talents with prospective employers to onboarding you for your first day.


It’s what we do. And we happen to love it.

Employers - Your Mission is Our Mission

We know staffing agencies are easy to find. Though discovering one that not only understands your mission but that can deliver on your mission is rare.


Technology finds resumes. duvari finds talent. People with fresh perspectives that blend well with your unique culture, values, and needs.


We don’t just hire people. We create culture.

"It’s so rewarding to play matchmaker and connect people with companies they didn’t know existed."

"So thankful to work in a FUN atmosphere where I literally get to build relationships for a living. Yes, pinch me!"

"I am officially geeked out when it comes to learning an industry that never stops evolving." (growth + helping others = a happy me)


That's really what it all comes down to: our ability to help you succeed. Whether you're looking to strengthen the culture of your organization or improve your professional life, we want to help you make that change.