How are Heroes and Leaders Formed?

It seems like heroes have typically started off by leading pretty ordinary lives. Their lives generally consist of a road of trials, filled with battles, temptations, successes, and failures.


They gain their “special powers” from battles and failures more so than successes. It seems each hero generally experiences one “big failure” that tests whether they have the resilience to come back and fight smarter with more determination.


Over time I see a constant theme that winning and acquiring more rewards typically becomes less exciting to heroes than having the ability to pass along their knowledge to others.


When I started to think about whom I would place in this category, I kept seeing a reoccurring theme of selflessness, grit, and resilience when it comes to the people I consider true leaders or “heroes.” But what even stuck out more is that a hero would not be a hero if it wasn’t for the help of others. Heroes don’t become heroes by themselves.


Build up the people around you, they might just be that next hero!